Here are some of Clarity Testing’s frequently asked questions. Some of the topics include Drug Testing, Alcohol Testing, Substance Abuse, Beating Drug Tests, Addicts, Work Accidents, Hazardous Materials, and more.

Q: Can drug and alcohol testing be done onsite at my workplace?
A: Clarity can bring it’s expert staff and mobile testing units right to your workplace, garage, construction site, fire house or union hall.

Q: Does the legalization of marijuana allow for positive drug tests?
A: No. Under any circumstances, you must be sober while on the job.

Q: Does drug testing save money for employers?
A Most studies have shown that reducing workplace substance abuse by instituting a drug free workplace program with testing will reduce absenteeism, workplace accidents, workers compensation claims, health benefit claims and increase morale, safety and productivity.

Q: Which industries have the most substance abuse?
A According to the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) the job description with the highest rate of substance abuse was construction supervisor (17%)

Q: Is drug testing required for certain industries?
A The Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) requires comprehensive drug and alcohol testing programs for truck drivers, airplane pilots, ship captains, pipeline workers, train and railroad operators and several other safety sensitive positions.

Q: Are there effective ways to beat drug tests?
A There are many products on the market that claim to outsmart drug tests, however, with a quality certified test collector, lab and medical review officer, most of these can be definitively detected.

Q: Is it true that poppy seed bagels can give a positive drug test?
A All quality medically reviewed drug testing will easily differentiate between illicit drug use and poppy seeds.

Q: Do most drug addicts work?
A There are estimated to be 12.4 million drug addicts employed full time in the US, with the highest percentage in the construction industry.

Q: Are most workplace accidents a result of substance abuse?
A according to the Occupational safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 65% of all serious workplace accidents involve substance abuse.

Q: Are there other costs to substance abusing employees?
A According to a recent gallup Survey, 35% of working cocaine addicts sold cocaine to coworkers and 40% report stealing from their employer or coworkers.