About Clarity Testing

Clarity Testing Services was founded in 1995 with the mission of providing high quality onsite testing services to comply with Federal DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations. As employers and labor demanded more and more safety and testing services onsite, Clarity responded by developing mobile models for high quality DOT Physicals, Respirator Medical Clearance and Certification Exams, Respirator Fit Testing, Blood Lead Testing and Lead Surveillance, Firefighter Physicals, Corporate Health Screenings, Vaccine Administration Programs, Hearing Conservation Programs and more.

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“Clarity, its staff, technicians and medical providers have always worked well in the Labor-management workplaces in which we operate. They have shown flexibility and responsiveness in meeting our DOT and OSHA regulatory needs in the least invasive way possible, providing essentially turn-key service. We can recommend Clarity aggressively without the slightest hesitation.”
— – John Chrysogolos, Jr., Yonkers Contracting Company, Inc. Vice President